From gaming to developing, my interests are based around modern technology.


Software developer focused on automation of Microservice based enterprise applications in Java. I've developed high performance RESTful adapters for seamless data exchange, processing and handling of received flat fixed length files in fixed schedules using Spring Batch, and have working knowledge of Behavioral Driven Development for automated testing in Cucumber. Working in a fast paced Agile/Kanban hybrid environment has engaged my abilities to deliver key features in iterations of 3 week sprints.


Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, I am employed as an consultant application developer at Capgemini Inc working for two separate enterprise clients. I have also been happily married for three years now and have a baby boy currently on the way!


Graduate of Northern Illinois University, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Coursework includes C/C++, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Databases (SQL), Android Development, and IBM mainframe programming. The two largest projects i've worked on as an undergrad was implementing video rendering engine and a flight registry application for managing seats and prices for various airlines.


The main framework that I have been using as a developer for the past year and a half is Spring Batch applications for automated processing of data relayed between clients and Spring Boot for Web Applications which provide RESTful services. Other application include Jenkins for regression testing and continuous integration/deployment, Gradle for managing dependencies and automating tasks, SQL driven database design and development, Angular, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for front end design.


In my free time routinely engage in weight lifting, cardio, and yoga for physical fitness. Weekends are generally spent with family, working on personal programming projects, or investing time towards learning and preparation for certifications. I do a small amount of PC gaming and play titles such as Starcraft II, Civilization IV, CrossCode, Divinity Original Sin and League of Legends. I also enjoy reading philosophical works along with meditation. Other pursuits include playing piano and engaging in programming hackathons.